Public service announcement for Tenants

NEVER send money through the mail or before you see the rental property.


2/12/2010 Latest scam to hit our mailbox: DO NOT APPLY TO THIS EMAIL

Thanks for your email, I personally own the house, we want our property to be well taken good care of, and they are some rules and regulation in which i do give out to my tenant if they are willing to rent my house, so please don't disrespect my order ,but if you are still capable of renting my house the rules and regulation goes this way. You must keep my house clean including the surrounding, you must know the way in which you use the stove so as to avoid fire outbreak,you must not disturb the neighbor. We decided to rent out the property due to our transfer to (West Africa) on a Missionary Work because, in a church here named World Mission Center, so we are renting it out since we need someone to take good care of the property on my absent.
Have this in mind you must know the kind of person that i am,but nevertheless i am giving you this rules because of what corresponded between me and my last tenant. the keys and documents are with us here in West Africa... so i will need to ship them to you before you can occupy the house but you can drive by the house anytime to take a look, so let me know if you are still interested so that i can forward you the Rental Application Form..
Pets are welcome!!!
Month rent: $600
Deposit: $400
Street Address:803 Sip St #302, Union City NJ 07087

Here is my contact my cell phone number you can reach him on anytime so that he can attend to you better 0112347060603423  or +2347060603423 
Battle Lars



Thanks for the email I Engr. Morgan Moses and my wife Dr. Catherine Moses own the Property available for rent and also want you to know that it was due to my transfer that makes me and my wife to leave the house and also want to give it out for rent and looking for a responsible person that can take very good care of it as we are not after the money for the rent but want it to be clean at the time and the person that will rent it to take it as if it were its own. So for now, We are here in west Africa, our new house and also with the keys of the house, we try to look for an agent that we can give this documents before we left but could not see and we are as well as don't want our house to be used any how in our present that is why we took it along with us. I and my wife came over to West Africa for a missionary work, so i hope you will promise us to take very good care of the house. So get back to me on how you could take care of our house or perhaps experience you have in renting home. Hope you are okay with the monthly rent which also include the utilities with heat laundry facilities, air condition.  I am looking forward to hear from you soon, please call us on how to get the house.
1)Your Full Name : 
2)Your Full Address & Phone Number :
3)How old are you...
4)Are you married....
5)How many people will be living in the house...
6)Do you have a pet....
7)Do you have a car....
9)Credit Score....
10)Reason for relocating.....
11)How soon are you will to move in....

Looking forward to hear from you with all this details so that i can have it in my file incase of issuing the receipt for you and contacting you.Await your urgent reply so that we can discuss on how to get the document and the key to you, we do not see yet and only putting everything into Gods hand, so please do not let us down in this our property and God bless you more as you do this. Please i want you to check the apartment at the address and let me know if you would like it, the Property is locked and i have the keys.

our cell phone #: +234-708-616-9614 / +234-1-480-3723
Engr. Morgan

Questionable email alert:

Hi ,
Thanks for the inquiry we're speaking to a lot of tenants and we have a few other apartments available in the same area.

However,we will only speak to renters with credit report,
because we've seen some fraudulent tenants.
This is a well known company and should garner some trust.

you can get the free report here, http:// myfreecredit247 .com 

all your questions will be answered along with a photo or video of our property(as you please) if your credit is fine.
Also if you are interested and your credit is fine we could arrange a visit to the property.  Also we are not looking for perfect credit,we will even accept 400 credit.

Amina Swain

Can we arrange a visit to the property on Sunday or Wednesday if everything is fine with your credit?

**Usually a credit report would be run after someone is interested in renting and completes an application.  Please beware.


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